624 Tours Knust-Godwin!
Posted by 287 on 2018-10-31 09:12:03
Hi Team 624 Parents and Mentors, A group of students and mentors from Cryptonite, Team 624 toured Knust-Godwin’s Katy equipment manufacturing facilities on Saturday, September 27th. The tour was hosted by Mike Corliss, VP-Technology for Knust-Godwin. CRyptonite students were astonished but entranced by the large variety of tools and machines. There were dozens of CNCs, Mills, Lathes, and even several state-of-the-art Renishaw metal 3D printers. The metal 3D printers perform “additive manufacturing” so precise that additional machining is not required and exotic shapes small and large can be made (see the picture of the metal, ultra-small, highly detailed Statue of Liberty pictured below). The metal 3D printers utilize high temperatures, exotic metal powders, inert gas atmospheres, and powerful lasers and were one of the major highlights of the tour. Many of the students had seen 3D printers that form parts with plastic, but these industry-changing machines were a completely new level of impressive. Along with the laser metal printing, the student got to see many other types of manufacturing, many of which were new to 624 students, such as Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) manufacturing. It was a great tour of a high tech manufacturing facility located right in Katy. Mr Corliss also pointed out that Knust-Godwin offers summer internships for High School and College age students and encouraged Team 624 students to apply! Thank you Mr Corliss for the great tour and great opportunities in the future!See a full set of the pictures for the tour on the team web site at: https://gallery.team624.org/Coming-Soon-1-6-18/Knust-Godwin-Facility-Tour-10-27-18/